I’m young into my twenties and have always had a great love for food that tells a story and a curiosity about the way the maker of that food invites listeners. Yes, I make my way ’round the world lots to enjoy great food and great culture, and no, I haven’t gotten enough of it. Writing on food helps me to bring places, lived and left, however near or far, back to my cutting board and then the page, it allows me direct access to investigate and indulge a shared need to eat and a very human desire to eat well and in good company.

Currently, I am taking residence in my hometown, New York, and baking from a small kitchen with a city window. This takes the form of a quiche aux poireaux bathed in butter. A salad of endives tossed with olive oil and lemon juice, then cracked all over with pepper. Eggplant stuffed with anything and everything, plus cumin. A fluffy tall cake. Bananas like honey. Sometimes, food is the only way to bring these places back.

As both a writer and maker of food, I am led to understand that eating is made from both loud and quiet, in an utterance of everywhere and anywhere that life can be savoured — the “journalist” in me will do all that she can to avoid interrupting its serene gaze that’s greased gently with a kind of grace known only to those patient enough to taste it.

In short, “Pupcaked” is an experiment in food-making, food-loving and food culture. I hope that you will join me.